Burning Bayou

Burning Bayou is a narrative crime mystery series about the epic hunt for the killer of two teen boys in a fishing community ripped apart by a race war between newly-arrived Vietnamese refugees and local fishing laborers. Set outside New Orleans in the '80s, the podcast follows Cheryl Carter, a rookie FBI agent and Vietnamese adoptee to a white American family, and her partner Mac Watson, a Black special agent and a Vietnam War veteran, as they investigate this volatile case that changes the lives of everyone in the Gulf town... including their own. | Written & Directed by Derek Nguyen | Starring Chantal Thuy, Keir Thirus, Tom Dang , Saidah Arrika Ekulona, Eileen Fogarty, Kane Lieu, Steve J. Palmer, Jeff Pride, and Jean-Michel Richaud | Produced by Starfish Accelerator and Wolf at the Door Studios.